Wildlife Habitat

Certified habitat

The National Wildlife Federation  allows any nature enthusiast to create a certified wildlife habitat.  The Whittier Garden Club submitted the area at the SW corner of Whittier Street and Glacier Avenue.  There is a wide range of plant and animal life that inhabits that area.  It has been reported that puffins have burrows in that area.  Join us in learning about and protecting our natural lands and habitats.  Many plants and animals struggle or fail to survive because of lack of or loss of habitat.

Chugach Arts Council is partnering with public lands and citizens to promote understanding, awareness and conservation.  Check their website for upcoming opportunities.  Some of the art projects they are inviting public participation in include Art of Pollination, Art of Our Oceans, Art of Endangered Species.  www.ChugachArtsCouncil.org

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Art of Pollination

Art of Pollination AKThe Chugach Arts Council has extended a ” Call For Art” to anyone wishing to participate in a project they call “Art of Pollination”.  They plan to publish a book or books of art featuring pollinators of all types. 

June 17-23, 2013 is National Pollinator Week.  Release of the books are due prior to that. 

 The purpose of the project is not only to bring awareness to the importance of protecting and preserving our pollinators, but also as fund raising project for the Chugach Arts Council.

For more information go to their website at www.ChugachArtsCouncil.org and click on “creative opportunities”

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Amaryllis RX for winter

Last year at Thanksgiving, I found boxed Amaryllis bulbs on sale for 50 cents a piece!  Needless to say, I bought a bunch.  They are so easy and so spectacular.  Especially wonderful are their stunning blooms in the dead of winter.  After the blooms had faded, I cut them back and put them in plastic bags, pot and all, to hopefully weather the hot Arizona summer un-attended.  They did great.  Once they came out of the bags and got some water, they popped back to life.  I am now learning about propagation and have found some amazing info that I will share with you too.  So, watch for sales, stock up and save plants after the bloom has faded, they will come back to bless you again and again.

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